Why Glamour Chicc? Why Malaysian?
Why Glamour Chicc? Why Malaysian?
Why Glamour Chicc? Why Malaysian?

Glamour Chiccs

Malaysian Virgin Hair Extensions

Why Malaysian Virgin Hair?

Strong Texture

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects about hair from Malaysia is that it is exceptionally strong. Thicker than other hair types, also it holds curls very well. Additionally, the hair is extremely soft, silky and bouncy.

Why Virgin hair?

Virgin hair is simply hair that has been taken from a single donor’s scalp. It is also unprocessed with no color, no dye, or no bleach added to this human hair. As a result, the hair remains softer and silkier than most. Keep in mind that all human hair/rest hair, isn’t Virgin hair.

Caring For Malaysian Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin Malaysian Hair can last up to 1-2 years with the proper care. Although you might feel concerned with the hair being shiny at first glance, but after 2-3 shampoos your extensions will resume to have a more natural appearance. When styling this hair there is no need to use any products, such as oils, gels, and leave in conditioners. Curls, waves and other textures will hold in place without additional products. Co-washing is also recommended before installing your extensions. Before going to sleep wrap your extensions in a silk scarf or bonnet, that would also expand the length of time your extensions last.

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